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Breed description

Orpington duck was created by William Cook from Orpington on the end of 19th century. He blended Cayuga ducks, Indian Runner ducks, Aylesbury ducks and Rouen ducks to create a buff colored duck, because the buff-colored plumage was popular. Later he developed Blue, Black and Chocolate Orpington versions that had white bibs on their chests.
photo Orpington Duck

Orpington Duck

Orpington Duck

Plumage colour yellow, brown

drake 2,2-3,4 kg
duck 2,2-3,2 kg

Country of origine Great Britain

Congeries 220 eggs

Egg weight 65 g

Egg Colour white

Utilisation egg, meat

Ring size
drake 16 mm
duck 16 mm


photo Orpington Duck, drake
Orpington Duck, drake
photo Orpington Duck, duck
Orpington Duck, duck

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