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Hatching eggs for sale

We will import hatching eggs of the following breeds:


1 hatching eggMarch–MayJune–September
Brahma Import6 €not available
Czech Gold Brindled Hen3 €2 €
Denizli Crower Import6 €not available
Friesian chicken Import6 €not available
German Krüper (short-legged chicken) Import6 €not available
Marans chicken Import6 €not available
Silkie Import6 €not available
Swedish black chicken Import20 €not available


1 hatching eggMarch–MayJune–September
Diepholz Goose Import12 €12 €


1 hatching eggMarch–MayJune–September
Aylesbury Duck Import12 €not available
Cayuga Duck Import8 €not available
Crested Duck Import8 €not available
Forest Duck Import8 €not available
Gimbsheimer Duck Import8 €not available
Hookbill Duck Import8 €not available
Indian Runner Duck Import6 €not available
Orpington Duck Import8 €not available
Pomeranian Duck Import8 €not available
Rouen Duck Import8 €not available
Saxony Duck Import8 €not available
Shetland Duck Import20 €not available


1 hatching eggMarch–MayJune–September
Domesticated Guinea Fowl1 €0,40 €

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