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Breed description

Faroese duck is old, hardy duck breed. Old photographs from the Faroe Islands however often show Faroese ducks grubbing in the rivers or along the beaches. Until 20th century each household kept hens and ducks, so there was more poultry than inhabitants on the Faroe Islands. On the countryside Faroese ducks were kept free as there are no foxes or other predators on the Faroese Islands. Thus people do not need to feed them too much as Faroese ducks search diligently for food and can produce enough meat even if they eat poorer feed. Since the beginning of 20th century the population of Faroese ducks declined. The reason is that they weigh only 1-1,3 kg when are slaughtered and cleaned. Thus independent and self-sufficient Faroese ducks were replaced by Peking ducks. Peking ducks provide more meat, however they must eat better feed. Faroese ducks exist in a wide range of colors - wild, white, black with white breast. Faeroe ducks are critically endangered duck breed. Less than 2000 ducks remain on the Faroe Islands.

Faroese Duck

Plumage colour many colors

drake 2 kg
duck 1,8 kg

Country of origine Faroe Islands

Congeries 60 eggs

Egg weight 50 g

Egg Colour white

Utilisation meat

Ring size
drake 15 mm
duck 15 mm


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