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Breed description

In the late 19th century Adele Campbell crossed Fawn and White Indian Runner Duck which was an exceptional layer (195 eggs in 197 days) with a Rouen Duck. She wants to create a breed that would lay well and have bigger body. Brooding behavior has been sacrificed in exchange for prolific egg laying ability in this breed.
photo Campbell Duck

Campbell Duck

Campbell Duck

Plumage colour kaki, white, brown-darkwild

drake 2,3-2,5 kg
duck 2-2,3 kg

Country of origine Great Britain

Congeries 300 eggs

Egg weight 65 g

Egg Colour white, green

Utilisation egg, meat

Ring size
drake 15 mm
duck 15 mm


photo Campbell Duck, drake
Campbell Duck, drake
photo Campbell Duck, duck
Campbell Duck, duck

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