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Breed description

Call ducks are very old duck breed. Thus the exact origins of the Call ducks remains unclear. It is estimated that they were imported into Nederland from Asia. In the Nederland and Britain Call ducks or Decoy ducks were used in large wildfowl cage traps and they were intentionally bred to be vocal to attract the wild ducks into the trap. Nowadays Call ducks are kept only as ornamental breed. Call ducks are easy to keep, but they are rather talkative so you shall not buy them if you want a quiet place on your garden.

Call Duck

Plumage colour many colors + crested

drake 1 kg
duck 0,9 kg

Country of origine Asia - Europe ?

Congeries 30-50 eggs

Egg weight 40 g

Egg Colour white

Utilisation hobby breeding

Ring size
drake 11 mm
duck 11 mm


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